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    totem question

    i just got a (barely used) 2011. Totem rc2 dh coil for my Blindside. im a little confused... most of the reviews Ive read before I bought it said that the totem is quite a linear fork, and many middleweight riders who at first had the med spring then got a firm, because the recommended spring was still soft. I weigh #220 geared up. On its first ride, i put in the firm spring with 2 preload spacers and it felt really firm ( even tho rockshox recommends extra firm for my weight).
    Next ride, 1 preload spacer, felt a little better but still too harsh; and then today with 0 preload spacers (and both compr adjustments full open)it felt almost right, but still kinda firm on smaller stuff but felt good on some big chunk. Sag seems right, about 30% when I kinda lean over the front. I cant believe i should go down to the med spring at my weight; has anyone else here at my weiight gone down to the med spring on recent totems? Im guessing the "too-soft" reviews were for earlier ones which were different? (BTW yes the right amount of oil is in there). Is the newer totem just a firm-feeling fork except on big chunk/drops, and ill just have to get used to it?
    For refernce my old fork was a domain 180 with a firm spring, which felt pretty good. One thing i didnt liek about it was the hi-speed compression was internally preset, IMO too hard; it was very harsh when I hit a fast or square-edged thing. i know some have removed the main shim in the speedstack to open up that circuit; i opted for lowering the oil weight (I made a custom 4.5 w by sucking out a fifth of the oil and replacing that with 2.5w) and that did the trick.. Im thinking about doing that same thing with the totem to soften it up just a tad, and i can still crank up the hi-sp compr for the bigger hits. Has anyone else experimented with differnt oil weights in their totems? any info/feedback would be appreciated. thanks.
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    Hope this response isn't too late, but I'm the 210 lbs range, and bought a firm spring and went back to the medium spring after a couple of rides. I just upped the LSC a bit, and found the fork performs great.

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    change your oil weight. you will be surprised how much of a difference this will make.

    is the fork new? you may still be "breaking it in." I know that after changing the oil weight in my Totem it takes a couple of rides to settle in.
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    Calhoun, doesn't oil weight primarily affect only the compression circuit (as opposed to the spring rate) when changed? Or does it make a difference?

    And, I am more a fan of running a slightly softer spring, but taking advantage of the compression circuit for control as opposed to relying strictly on spring rate.

    Also, would a stock/OEM totem come with preload spacers installed?

    I am about 160 and have a stock/OEM with a medium spring, and overall, it feels ok, it could definitely be a little softer.



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