SRAM Warranty, is it a SCAM?-
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    SRAM Warranty, is it a SCAM?

    So I have a creaky stanchions 2018 Reba.

    The bike(a Procaliber) the Reba came with has been used by me from 0km, but was bought by a friend that lived in another country for the reason of bigger discount when buying multiple bikes.

    Noticed the creaky fork, checked everything on the bike to exclude other creaky areas(headset, axle, wheel bearings having fork serviced so on).

    The creak was isolated and reproduced with the fork off bike.
    Took it to the SRAM partner in the country I live and the tech guy confirmed the bad CSU. He completed a service paper and told me he will open a warranty case.
    After a week I called in to get some news and I was told I am not eligible for a warranty claim because I am not the buyer of the bike. Fair and square this is what SRAM warranty says.

    In the same time I was talking with guys at the shop where the bike was bought from and among other things I was told that they will warrant the fork even if I am not the original buyer but for a certain fee. So I am guessing its possible for a SRAM product to be warranted even if I am not the original buyer.

    So I wonder why this mambo-jambo and playing around in SRAM warranty approach and why don't they just stand by their products?

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    So have your friend do the warranty claim?

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    Sounds like the shop is scamming both you and SRAM.

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    @wschruba you've read my mind. I was just thinking that they knew I am not the buyer from moment 0 as they asked the invoice and then completed a printed form witch started with my name. After this they have inspected the fork, made photos and videos and confirmed the issue. Then they told me they will open a case to SRAM and that it usually takes 2 weeks until the part arrives. After 8 days I called them because I wanted to know if SRAM has accepted the replacement. At that moment they said that I am not entitled for a warranty.
    This is the official partner of SRAM but is well known to be a shady business.
    I am thinking that SRAM's partner is scamming me and might have opened a warranty case that wont get back to me and they will cash in on it(either CSU or another fork so pretty pricey parts).
    Is there a way to find out if a warranty claim has been opened on my fork ID number?

    Also the shop the bike has been bought from is trying to charge me for a fee that should not exist!

    @Shark that would have been my first course of action but he is working abroad and his job takes him to a new location every year or so. He wont be returning home sooner than the winter hollidays and by that time the warranty is gone.

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