just came here to vent. i recently built a 1x road bike that i was given as a gift for christmas. i finished the bike last month. i used a sram rival 1 crank and accompanying bottom bracket. i installed all the parts in accordance with the websites and videos from youtube. on my 4th ride of the bike the crank failed catastrophically all the threads were pulled out of the crank and i almosted busted my a**. i weigh 220. contacted sram (that you have to do through an lbs) they denied my claim saying that they cannot guarantee the installation as i did it myself. im out over 150 dollars (not to mention every suspension product i have ever purchased is rockshox) and thousands for suspension parts i no longer want. i have dealt with shimano warranty several times over the years and they at least worked with me when this exact same situation happened (xt caliper problem they offered my a 50 percent discount still was upset but at least not a total FU). the entire point of the project was i built the bike myself and then took to a mech to look it over and verify (passed btw). so upset and never been told that i am not competent to install a product. i could maybe see a case for a pf30 crank and bottom bracket as it needs a press and specialized tools. rant over shimano/fox convert here.