So here's the back story. I installed an XX crankset a couple months ago. About 50 miles on the new drivetrain, I'm climbing in the little ring and my chain falls off. I'm thinking that's an odd place to lose a chain. Upon inspection, I noticed that my little ring was literally hanging by one bolt that's half way out. In addition to losing 2 of the 4 bolts (I found one in the dirt where the chain dropped), there was some slight damage to the threads in the crankset. I decided to contact SRAM to a) report that my brand new crankset fell apart after only a few hours riding and b) to see how concerned I should be about the thread damage and c) find out where to buy new chainring bolts. I spoke with a very helpful guy named Cully I believe. He felt the cranks might have left the factory less than 100% and told me to take them back to my dealer to be returned for inspection / repair as necessary. So I did.

Fast forward about 10 days. Yesterday the shop calls me and says SRAM has returned my cranks. So I stopped by on my way home from work to pick them up and when I opened the box, I realized SRAM had actually replaced them with a new set. I will not be left to wonder if the damaged threads will come back to bite me.

So the take aways are this; some of the SRAM XX cranks left the factory without either enough loctite and/or enough torque on the chainring bolts. If you're running these cranks, check the manual for the proper torque spec and double check your cranks. AND, SRAM service is fast, friendly, and good.

Almost makes me feel good about the spleen I had to sell to fund the groupo