Even though Sram is an American company based in Chicago, IL, their products are up to 47% more expensive in the United States than in Germany (excluding tax/vat in both cases).

For example, a Sram X01 Eagle cassette costs 235 euros (270 USD) at bike24, but 350 to 385 USD in the US.

A X01 Eagle cassette + a PC-1290 black chain "wear kit" costs 275 euros (316 USD) at r2-bike. The same combo would set you back 415 to 465 USD in the US.

To save some of their hard-earned money, many people were ordering Sram from overseas. Sram decided to "solve" this issue in a way that screws their customers: instead of lowering their prices in the US, they have prohibited German stores to sell Sram products outside of the EU.