I'm facing an issue concerning my front brake.
It's a SRAM Apex Road Hyrdaulic that came on a 2018 complete bike which has done around 1800 km so far.

I noticed that the pad seemed to be rubbing constantly, not heavily but enough to make me want to fix it.

When I looked closer, one of the pads was pushed up against the rotor while the other pad had a nice gap, this reminded me of a time when one of my pistons was stuck on a set of SRAM Rival HRDs.

I removed the wheel and the brake pads and pushed both of the pistons back so they were in line with the caliper and gently squeezed the lever so I could see the pistons move.

Both pistons moved but not by much, not enough to touch the rotor, the lever felt loose like there was no pressure in the system. I checked but couldn't see any signs of a leak anywhere between the caliper and lever.

This seemed odd as the brake was strong before I took the wheel off.

I decided to bleed them and see if that would solve the issue.

Following the SRAM guide on bleeding, and using the proper Avid bleed kit, I attached both syringes and began the process, however I can't push or pull on the caliper syringe, it just doesn't move at all as if something is blocking the flow.

Both Syringes are in the open setting, the lever end allows me to pull and push. I have a bleed block in the caliper.

I'm not sure what to try!