So one annoying thing that keeps cropping up is a sort of lever migration with my guide R brakes. I have been able to adjust them to minimize lever throw (as much as that is possible with these brakes) by pulling the wheel, pumping the lever, and thereby moving the pistons closer together. This works fine to decrease lever throw, but over time (say, 5-10 rides) the lever throw starts growing again, presumably because the pistons are retracting slightly into the caliper housing over time, I guess.

Does anyone else experience this behavior? My surmise is that there is a sort of equilibrium point with regard to the distance between the piston and the rotor that the caliper piston seals always revert to over time. Hard braking seems to squish the calipers/seals back to that equilibrium point, which unfortunately results in more lever throw than I really want with these brakes.

Would getting the RSC lever alleviate these problems and allow me to adjust the lever throw so that there is very little throw before the brakes start to engage?