Sram Crank owners please; What's your Q-factor?-
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    Sram Crank owners please; What's your Q-factor?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of designing a frame which requires a particularly wide crankset. First off; by Q-Factor I mean the distance between the inside faces of the cranks. Some places seem to measure to the outside faces which is entirely useless as it doesn't tell you stance width (how far apart your feet are) or the clearance the cranks give from the stays.
    Anyway, the current batch of X9/7/5 are listed on their technical doc as being 171mm which seems rather large, when Shimano are about 150mm. If this Q-Factor is correct, I'm very very happy, and will be speccing Sram cranks on the design. But I get a funny feeling they're measuring to the outside face which will make them narrower than Shimano.
    So - any measurements would be greatly appreciated!


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    I know SRAM makes XX/X0 cranksets with 156 and 168 Q-factors.
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    Yup, and they seem like reasonable figures as if those numbers were the outside faces, I doubt they'd clear many frames. But the 171mm X9 I'm holding out for seem like the figure could be an error in the doc. Another forum I found whilst Googling showed quite a few errors in their tech docs. Plus, the X0 are a bit on the pricey side for me. If the 171 X9 is a fallacy, they will have to be the cranks.

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