• 08-05-2016
    SRAM BB30 XO carbon crank looseness
    At a loss here on this one and can't find much in the search. My XO BB30 carbon crank is loosening on every ride even after torquing with a torque wrench.

    Setup is correct according to SRAM'S hieroglyphic instructions; however it almost seems as though there is a spacer in place that shouldn't be there. From the non-DS:

    Crank arm > lock ring > bearing sleeve > bearings > axle > DS bearing > bearing sleeve > 10mm spacer > DS crankarm.

    Once the DS crankarm is torqued, I tighten the collar on the non-DS. Is there something I'm missing here?

    The bike is a Lynskey PRO29SL with a PF30 shell.

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  • 08-06-2016
    That all sounds correct, assuming you're using a SRAM PF30 bottom bracket. Have you confirmed that your bottom bracket shell is 73mm? If its 68mm then you need additional spacers on each side. Also are you making sure the DS crankarm is fully seated by gently tapping it with a rubber hammer before you tighten the bolt?
  • 08-07-2016
    Thanks for the reply. It is definitely a 73mm shell. I broke down and went in to the shop. The shop set it up with some green loctite and retorqued. So far so good. We'll see what happens.

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