Hi guys wondering if anyone has run into this issue. No info found on these forums doing a search and SRAM's manuals don't address it at all.

So the xx1 11 speed RD b-tension screw has a little plastic sleeve that slips into two notches at 12 and 6 o'clock and seems to snap in place where you then insert the screw and tighten the RD tension as needed.

Mine broke (the little plastic sleeve)
SRAM B-tension screw problem-8e418a31-df5e-44fd-b1fc-3b061847229b.jpg
So I ordered a new kit and installed but now the new plastic sleeve will back itself out as soon as I start to meet tension on the screw. It slips into place just fine but will pop back when the tension screw butts up against the B-bolt assembly to start pulling back the RD. (my computer turned the image purple but you can still see it)
SRAM B-tension screw problem-b282eb26-1760-4361-8cda-ca133ffdd45b.jpg

Am I missing something (obviously yes). There doesn't seem to be anything to keep the sleeve in place and the bolt won't hold tension without it. What is the trick? Anyone?