Sram apex 1 hydraulic brakes weights?-
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    Sram apex 1 hydraulic brakes weights?

    Hi, new to all of this and i have been learning about groupsets in an attempt to shed some weight off of my (size small) 2018 giant tcx advanced sx bike (carbon frame and sram apex 1 groupset) which comes in at 21lbs with basic schimano clip on pedals, 2 plastic bottle holders, and a bit of dirt.

    Anyway, i was comparing numbers across the apex1/rival1/force1/red groupsets and figured that, cost aside, a red crank and a force 1 10-42 casette was good for about 1lb weight loss.

    I am also looking to do wheels/tubeless as that is good for at least 2 lbs (oem wheels are 2600g).

    Anyway... in my comparison, the hydraulic brake components in the apex 1 were a good deal lighter than the other groupsets! This made no sense to me. Apex 1 vs force 1 shifters (and presumable calipers) are listed as about 100g heavier per side for the force 1 combo. It just makes no sense to me. Is the apex stuff lighter because of smaller calipers (the discs look larger), or are weights of the apec hydraulic brakes lower because components are not included in those weights?

    They work fine, and if they are indeed lighter, i will happily take the savings... but just curious.

    Any help is appreceated.

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    I found this chart after reading your post.

    I have all three Apex 1, Rival 1, and Force 1. Force brakes and shifting is noticeably better than the others, but it better be with the increase cost! I can't tell a difference between the Rival and Apex. Both work flawlessly. The link above does show weight differences among the three. I can't imagine Apex being lighter than Force. Nobody would purchase the high end stuff if that was the case! When my Rival and Apex stuff wears out (if it ever does), I'll replace with Force.

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    Yeah, i saw that chart and a few others. I was on the sram website comparing the current apex 1 / rival 1 / force 1 and the weights on the hydraulic brakes were what they were. I also have a hard time thinkig it is right... thus my post.

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