• 07-13-2019
    servicing a SID fork...5 ml of oil in lower legs...way too little?
    I found a chart of fluid levels for my year SID, and it says to put 5 ml of 15wt in each lower leg.

    Being a US kind of guy, I converted to ounces, and it says 5 ml is 0.16907 ounces? .17? That's like 4 drops or something.

    How can that be?

    I would think at least an ounce or two?

    Anyone know for sure?
  • 07-29-2019
    I just did the service and very little drained out when I was pulling the lower legs off. So I think it might be right. In any case, I only added 5ml to each leg so if it's wrong, I guess I'll learn the hard way.
  • 08-05-2019
    Yeah, 5ml is right. It's obviously just for lubrication. I was thinking the oil in the lowers was part of the damper or something. One thing is for sure, finally doing the 50 hour service - after almost 4 years of riding, made my fork feel like new again. I replaced the foam wipers, but the seals looked new. I bought the whole full service kit, and really only used the foams. So I'm going to buy a few more foam wipers and plan on doing the service again every year.
  • 04-27-2020
    Did you use a flangeless dust seal installation tool?
  • 07-16-2020
    B R H
    I think it's way too little, at least in a dry climate. I can only make it about 6 months before the foam rings are all dried up. 5 ml isn't enough to even coat the inside of the stanchions let alone make it all the way to the foam rings even if you dare leave your bike upside-down a lot.

    Next oil change I'm doubling the amount to 10 ml. Hopefully that helps extends the service intervals. Adding too much extra could cause issues with pressure on the seals during compression but I don't know at what point that may happen. My guess is it would take quite a bit of extra oil to reduce the interior volume enough to actually be a problem.