When I was replacing the cable, I went to screw the cover back on and with very little pressure the top of the screw just snapped and the threads are still engaged - it seems like it is a very fragile plastic.

So now I have the threads embedded but with a broken screw. I need to retrieve the remaining threads with very little of the screw to hold onto and get it replaced with a new one.

I'm thinking I can probably either carefully bore it out with a drill or possibly use one of those stripped screw retrieval tools (it may be too small for one of those) to remove the old broken screw, but other ingenious ideas are welcomed.

Then there is the matter of getting a new screw to replace the broken one. It seems like it would be difficult to get my hands on one of these? Maybe if I could find the dimensions of the screw I can just pick up a random screw that would fit - so far I haven't been able to find the dimensions of this screw. I'm also concerned that the replacement part will approach the cost of a replacement shifter!

The other thought I had is that I could consider just figuring out an alternative way to keep the cover on (maybe tape?).

Here is a picture showing the screw for reference. Any help is appreciated!

Replacing a broken X01 trigger shifter cover screw-sram_mtb_x01_shifter_red_web.jpg

Update: A fleabay search yielded my worst fear - trigger shifter cover + screw = $40! May as well just buy a new shifter if that is my only option.

SRAM XX1 Trigger Shifter Cover Kit Rear Right Hand | eBay