I have a Specialized Stumpjumper that I won in a raffle and converted to the ST setup on my own, so I don't have a stock shock from Specialized. I have a Cane Creek DBAir IL in the required 190x42.5 length/stroke. Unfortunately, at 225-230lb, I'm struggling to get my sag in the right zone, and as a result I'm also blowing through travel. I'm at the max air pressure for the DBAir IL at 300psi.

So I'm looking at a RS Super Deluxe as a replacement, which in addition to having a max psi of 350 will probably let me run lower pressures because it's a higher-volume shock. Problem is that I need to special order the correct size and I'm not sure which compression/rebound tune to order for my bike.

I found some older info for the Vivid Air and Monarch online, with a QBP chart showing what to pick based on the leverage ratio of the bike, travel, etc. but I can't find a similar document for the Super Deluxe. Wondering if anyone has that info to share. Thanks.