Whilst enjoying the build experience for my new Flux, I discovered that my Hope X2 brake will not mount properly to my RS Reba post mount. When I put it on, the caliper sits above the rotor about a 1/2 inch and not covering the pads. It lines up correctly, just doesn't allow the caliper to come down onto the rotor fully, making the brakes unuseable.

I have the correct "H" mount adapter, which is for 183 rotors, post mount caliper, post mount fork. I called Hope and they said the post mount on the fork is incorrectly mounted and that i should get a new fork. Yikes! I have a hard time believing RS would be that poor with QC and incorrectly install a disc mount.

Now I have to find a buddy with a post mount fork and see if it's the post mount on my fork for comparison, or the adapter.

Anyone else have such a problem? Help.