New Rock Shox Pike...

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  • 04-04-2013
    New Rock Shox Pike...
    RockShox Reincarnates the Pike, Updates Reverb Stealth and Monarch Plus - Bike Rumor

    So my only question.... can the travel be choked down closer to 120mm? My planned upgrade list includes replacing my Reba with a stouter fork and currently my ONLY option is the Fox 34 TALAS because of travel.....
  • 04-05-2013
    I have read more. It looks like the 29" version will be 150mm dual position air.... that means it should be able to be reduced down toe 120mm, right? Anybody?
  • 04-14-2013
    If anyone comes across the A-C height and fork offset of these forks please post it up. Specifically I'm interested in the 27.5" fork but everything would be good to have.
  • 06-27-2013
    I have a Pike, 29" of the 150mm - 120mm Dual Position variety. A-C height in what I assume is the 150mm mode is 565mm (center of thru-axle to crown race bottom).

    There is a stamp in the underside of the crown, part of which reads "45," which may the offset. Unsure.
  • 07-18-2013
    I am also curious about lowering a pike to 120mm. I noticed that the new Specialized Camber EVO comes with a pike that is lowered to 120mm (via here)

    Does anyone know if this was something that was done just for Specialized, or can the non dual-position Pike be lowered to 120mm as well?

  • 07-23-2013
    I am also interested in this for my Camber.
  • 07-26-2013
    I guess I didn't post in the original post, but I also ride a Camber (2013 alloy Comp to be exact).... ;) looks like some Pike equipped Cambers are going to be roaming the trails soon....

    You may have to shmooze your LBS parts guy a bit, but if the Camber Evo comes with the 120mm Pike, we will be able to get it too. I haven't stopped smiling since I saw that spec'd on the new Evo Carbon. Between the Pike and the Fox Kashima for the rear, I am a happy camper looking at the new 2014 bikes. Just be patient and talk to your people, at the very worst, they should be able to order the internals needed to convert a 140mm Pike to 120mm. :D
  • 07-27-2013
    Could you Internally boost the travel from 150mm to 160mm???
  • 07-28-2013

    Originally Posted by Fredo23 View Post
    Could you Internally boost the travel from 150mm to 160mm???

    Two threads down right now....