I recently ordered a 2014 X0 10sp rear trigger shifter and received it DOA; the shift cable had been forcibly wrapped around one of the springs and the cable end jammed into the anchor at an angle. Of course, such a tight bend in the cable had broken most of its strands.

So I took apart the shifter to replace the cable and check for any other damage—was the assembler drunk, on drugs, just mad at the world? No other damage, but unfortunately a U-shaped spring popped out before I could see where it was installed. A couple of days of experimentation and failed Googling later—seems SRAM consumer commo is turning unhelpful into an art—I've got it back together with the U spring inside the down-shift (i.e., long) lever cylinder pushing against the metal pawl/lug that sticks up from the cylinder. However, that placement doesn't quite seem right and was just a wild guess on my part; no schematics or owner pictures I've found match the innards of this shifter.

So, the symptoms I have are:

1. Starting from the highest gear (smallest cog), each shift down (to a larger cog) with the long lever increases the travel distance required for the next shift. The first shift takes a few degrees of travel, the last shift about fifty degrees. The up (short) lever feels normal.

2. I only get about six or seven shifts (clicks) from the shifter before the lever maxes out, i.e., still moves through its range of motion but doesn't alter the cable tension or catch at the next position. I can shift down a half dozen clicks, then back up, but that's it. Note, I'm just talking about the shifter and the derailleur works fine when the shifter does pull on or release the cable.

I've had (and easily rebuilt) many Shimano levers, but this is my first and only SRAM and so I'm not even sure what normal feels like. Maybe requiring five degrees to shift from gear 10 to 9 and fifty degrees to shift from gear 6 to 4 is normal? I hope not.

My guess is I've the U spring in entirely the wrong place. Or maybe I've missed a trick with one of the two main springs. I'm at a loss and will be hitting the road tomorrow at dawn for winter travels—ostensibly for riding trails in parts Southern but I'm afraid SRAM will have me slogging along with the speed-bumps, I mean hikers, instead.

If anyone has any notions or pictures of a recent model X0 rear shifter's innards (bottom and top,) you could well save my vacation!!!

To be clear, I'm talking about the shifter on page 48, titled "SRAM X0 / X9 / X7 B1- TRIGGER SHIFTER 2x10, 3x10":