• 03-10-2010
    Need Help: X-7 sticking causing front derialleur to not shift..
    Ok so forgive me if I sound noob, it's probably because I am. :rolleyes: With only 2.5 months of riding experience I've encountered my first real problem.

    Purchased a 2010 Stumpy FSR Comp, and after last weeks ride I noticed the front derialleur wasn't properly shifting. I thinking i've narrowed the problem down to the X-7 shifter (plastic, not aluminum) not "returning" when switching gears.

    I'm sure this problem sounds a little generic, but i'll update this thread with pics and possibly a video showing my problem. Until then, anyone have any suggestions on a fix - assuming this is a common problem.

    Thanks in advance!
  • 03-11-2010
    Banshee Rider
    Have you ruled out your cable sticking within housing?

    If your cable is sliding freely thru the housing, then I would go to the bike shop you bought the bike from. If the bike is 2.5 months old and your shifter is defective, then you'll find that most companies offer a 90 day warranty on all parts against non-abuse related defects such as this.

    I've seen sticking paddles before, in addition to shifters loosing clicks prematurely. The X7 does have a substanial ammount of plastic, but 2.5 months isn't an acceptable lifespan for problems like this to develope.
  • 03-11-2010

    Thanks for the reply. I was afraid you (or someone) were going to say that. I bought the bike through a Specialized Employee and got a HEFTY discount on it =/ unfortunately, taking it my LBS is out of the question unless I wanna front the cost to repair/replace.

    What's an easy way to tell if the cable is sliding through the housing easily? Unfortunately, I'm at work all day today and tomorrow so Satruday/Sunday is the earliest I can tinker with it to figure our the problem.

    Out of curiosity is dissembling/reassembling something that may fix it ?
  • 03-11-2010
    My 1.5 year old X-7 shifters had the thumb paddle stick for the front derailleur. After a little investigating, it is catching on the "release" lever that hangs down too low. I took the shifter apart and the release lever simply has developed some play that allows it to hang down. So I used a small plastic shim wedged between the lever and the shifter housing body to keep that release lever up just enough to it doesn't catch the thumb lever.

    First time ever having this problem and I have owned X-7 shifters since 2004...since its less than 1 year old, get it warrantied.
  • 03-13-2010
    I've seen them catch the other trigger as well, sometime a little sanding is enough. You might also try vigorously shaking the shifter pod in mineral spirits while shifted in each gear, then use degreaser to quickly clean the spirits off, lube with molybdenum and see if that helps.