Lyrik 2010 Charger damper upgrade, alignment issue-
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    Lyrik 2010 Charger damper upgrade, alignment issue

    Posted this elsewhere, but thought I'd try here too. Getting different opinions.

    Got the Charger upgrade for my old 26 Lyriks and aside from a missing LSC cap screw in the pack meaning I canít finish the job, on fitting the alignment is off centre at the bottom where the rebound shaft comes out. Thereís flex in it so it will likely bolt into the lowers (havenít tried yet), but thereís a slight bit of force in flexing it and Iím concerned this might be an issue.

    Though all looks straight out of the box. Hasnít gone in cross threaded. Went in smooth and thread is fine.

    Is this going to be okay or even perhaps normal, or should I be concerned?

    Lyrik 2010 Charger damper upgrade, alignment issue-z5wrqtt.jpg

    Some are saying they noticed flex in it but just put it in and not bothered about it (didn't say if it was off centre though), some say it must be cross threaded though I've inspected the threads carefully and can't see any issue. From what I can tell the Charger is straight, nothing misaligned I think. Only thing I noted is there are some threads exposed where the base screws into the bladder, but it's tightly screwed in I think. It's as it was out of the box.

    I've not put the lowers back on yet but just holding up the end holes against the shafts it's almost spot on, maybe a mm out on one.

    I could just put it in, but my concern is it will be putting pressure internally on the cartridge when the rebound shaft compresses and may prematurely wear something if not affect performance.

    Out of interest the Boxxer upgrade comes with an end cap and circlip that holds it in place. The Lyrik kit doesn't. The existing end cap from my MiCo damper has too big a hole for the rebound shaft and wouldn't hold the Charger cartridge in place.

    Can't find a RS video for the Lyrik upgrade but there is the Boxxer one but that's different. No manual in the box, just a link to the Charger 2 upgrade manual on the web site which does list the Lyrik upgrade kit part number which matches even though that's a Charger not Charger 2 it seems, and the manual isn't quite right (e.g. 24mm socket where a 30mm is needed).

    It might be this is a non issue, but I get a bit OCD about these things which is why it often takes me ages to do stuff on my bikes, as I have to be 100% sure it's right

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    Well, screw it. I've put it together. The rebound tube is just fractionally off the hole in the lower, the rebound screw had to go at an angle initially to line up the tube but then it screwed in straight. If I backed it out and removed it the tube is still straight. Only if I pull the lower off it goes at a slight angle again.

    Anyway, put together and feels okay (yet to put it on the bike). Maybe a sound of stiction somewhere but to be honest it did with the old damper.

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    Hows it ride? compared to the motion control?

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    Not ridden it much yet but did make a big difference. Main thing for me was the whole bike now 'pops' way more. Mine are the RC2DH with Mission Control which is pretty good but it always loved to stay planted. Great for blasting down rocks and roots, but I struggled to get it to pop off jumps and drops, whatever setting I tried. The Charger is way better for that.

    Gives it a bit more of an agile feel like I get with the Pikes in my other bikes.

    Still seems plush but I need to chuck it down some big rocky things to see how it compares. Not that I'm really a downhiller.

    The Charger gives me a lockout of sorts, or the firm setting of the Charger, which the RC2DH didn't have by design. I never really missed it before though on a long climb it's nice to firm up 170 forks.

    Much easier to tune with just one compression setting and rebound.

    No noticeable issues riding from the odd alignment.

    Also fitted Pike air top cap so I can put tokens in, but so far haven't had a need to. Option is there though if you're likely to bottom them out and want a more progressive fork. Changed to Pike seals and foams also as I'd read it's worth doing that with the Charger upgrade.

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