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    juicy 7 problem

    rear brake requires the lever to be pulled almost all the way to my grip in order to get any braking power and does not have as much as it should...

    I've re-bled the brakes which helped for about 10 miles but then things went back to as they are now.

    My initial thought was that I had air in the lines somewhere (so i bled them again with the same short term results).

    It has now been about 200 miles since the last time I bled them and there has been no significant change at any point after the first 10 miles... they continue to more or less barely function.

    at the same time the pad contact adjustment knob seems to do nothing. you can turn it all the way "out" and it never stops or bottoms out like it's supposed to. I'm sort of thining my problem has to do with bleeding or some other issue (because bleeding them did help initially), but the symptom could also just be explained by the lever adjustment being broken in an all the way "in" position, eh?

    thanks for any help

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    Providing you properly bled them with fresh fluid and there are no external leaks, caliper operation has been verified and pad / rotor surface is OK then the only other possibility would be a faulty brake lever. An internal leak at the lever would prevent full pressure from reaching the caliper. I believe you can service them.
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    The contact point knob turns about 20 times before stopping.

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