• 05-10-2019
    Impossible installation situation?
    Well... I am trying to add an xg1150 to an XD hub. Theoretically this should be easy.

    I seat the cassette onto the hub, give it a little wiggle, and make sure the splines are engaged. Using the spline tool, I begin to tighten the cassette onto the hub. When it gets to the resistance range, I look at the hub, and the cassette has not been pulled onto the hub!

    It would seem impossible for the thing to thread on and not be pulled to the hub! I stepped away as I just could not fathom what the heck is going on! Watched videos that only frustrated me more...

    Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!
  • 05-11-2019
    Well... brought it to the LBS.... they couldn’t get it either.... they think the hub is the problem... thanks for stopping nub.