• 08-16-2010
    Hey SRAM, I don't want your XX I just want a working fork!!!
    So I got my new Revelation back from RS warranty and its worse!!!!!!!


    I rode it 3 times and on its 3rd ride it developed bushing play and the compression started behaving weird.
    The compression has 6 "clicks" and when new, I would be able to feel the difference with each click. on the 3rd ride I only could tell the compression working on the 5th click and engaging full lock out on the 6th.

    now it came back from warranty and they said they couldn't feel any bushing play and that they changed the compression rod.
    1- If the fork is mounted on the bike you can BS me and tell me its the headset, QR or whatever but if you hold that steerer with the fork pinched and rock it, you feel the bushing play...
    2- Now, the compression only works on/off on the 6th click so I can't adjust the compression or dive; I just have a lock out and nothing in between????
    WTF!!!!!!!!!! what a nice service
    BTW I was without a fork for 4 weeks
    What can I do? I can't send it back again

    ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG so frustrating!!!!!!!! this is a new 750$ fork!!!!!
  • 08-19-2010
    Step 1:

    Buy an old fork that has an air spring for pratice

    Step 2:

    Buy a set of tools...good ones

    Step 3:

    Take the old fork apart and put it back together several times...Learn, learn and learn.

    Step 4:

    Work your Revelation when you feel comfortable.

    Plan B: Use a shop like Dirtworks, Hippie Tech or Push. 'Spensive, but so's a $750 fork that isn't being ridden.
  • 08-19-2010
    I hear ya man..... I'll buy those bushing tools and keep buying a little at a time so I can do ALL the work on them. I do most but certain thing need special tools...