• 08-13-2015
    Guide Brake Not Holding Pressure
    Through a warranty from SRAM for my XX brakes, I was giving the Guide brakes in January of this year. I did not use the bike until May or June and now have only put probably 50-75 miles on them. Mostly used for an 1 to 1.5 hour ride on rolling trails. I have already had the rear brake bleed about a month ago and it is already loosing pressure. The front brake is done also. I can pull the leavers back to the handlebar with very little effort.

    Has anyone heard or experienced this issue? I do not want to pay for a brake bleed every month (would not trust myself to do my own bleeds, never done it before).

  • 08-13-2015
    Mine have worked flawlessly since new in May (one bled for fit the other never bled). Lots of pretty hard miles. I know this doesn't help, just for comparison.