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    New question here. Elixir CR front lever troubles

    New Elixir CR's on Niner RIP9, been riding about 3 months no problem at all. Had the bike flipped upside-down doing some rear wheel work and when I flipped it back up I noticed that the front lever would travel all the way to the grip. The bike hasn't been ridden in about 2 weeks so I figured I'd just tweak the reach - got it sorted and popped the bike onto it's back tire to wheel it through the house, and the lever came all the way back again. Drop it down, squeeze lever a dozen times, builds pressure again; repeat.
    The brakes came sealed and pre-bled so I didn't have to mess with anything there. I've bled other Avid brakes (Sevens, and Juicy Ultimates) so it's not a big deal to do, just sort of a pain. So, if someone has had similar experience and has some input, I'd love to hear it! Really impressed with the brakes in general, great feel and tons of power for our mountainous Florida trails - yeah right. Complete overkill actually, but I like them nonetheless and the colors matched the kit on the bike! That has to count for something...

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    I'd try bleeding them... sounds like air in the system.

    I just installed my Elixir CR's and noticed that my rear brake wasn't bled very well from the factory. i had to shorten the hose regardless so it wasn't a big deal since they need to be bled after the hose length change.
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    Bleed them, you had a bubble that made it's way to the caliper when you had it upside down.

    Every pair of Avid brakes I've seen recently have had this issue, just bleed it and it'll be fine.
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