Hey all,

I'm looking at changing up my drivetrain on my CX/all-road bike. I'm wondering if I can do the following to build a wide range 1x drivetrain:

- Sram Force 22 hydro 11 speed shift/brake lever
- CX1 crankset
- X9 type2 short cage rear der. (same pull ratio as 11 speed road)
- XT 11-40 11 speed cassette
- 11 speed chain

I'm running basically the same setup now but 10 speed Force with mechanical disks. I want hydro brakes and the wide-range 11 speed. The 10 and 11 speed road have the same pull ratio, so in theory the X9 would work fine with the 11 speed since it works great with the 10 speed, correct?

Hopefully someone has some experience with this...