• 07-11-2013
    Does anyone know the Axle to Crown on the new Pike?
    I'm trying to figure out how big the forks are. I'm specifically interested in the 150mm 29er, but would be curious about the 160mm 27.5" and the 160mm 26".

  • 07-11-2013

    In this thread.

    I'm wanting to see if I can space one of the 26" 150m down to 140mm for the front of my Blur TRc... am digging the lowered Lyrik on there now, but having the (supposedly) same stiffness, with near a pound less weight, and (again supposedly) better damping sounds like a winner!

    But suposedly you have to swap in a whole new air cart, not just mess about with spacers. So then wonder if the 140mm 29er air bits would work out in the 26er chassis...
  • 07-12-2013
    Thanks Dave! I was briefly considering a 96er option but I think that would be a little too raked out--that axle to crown for the 150 29er is similar to a Totem, and then you've got to add the wheel size difference in. I could probably do a 76er, but I'm not really into owning three wheel/tire sizes so I'll probably just do the 26er.

    In my searching, I'm pretty sure I found a thread detailing the procedure to drop the travel, but I have no idea where I read that...
  • 07-21-2013
    I'm getting a real-world 575 with my 29er 160mm pike.