News: SRAM releases X-SYNC direct mount front chainrings -

I put a 28 on my XC ride, Pivot Mach 429c w/XX1, for all-day high country riding with 4-6k feet of climbing. Yes you spin out on some downhills, but I soon found only rarely with upper elevation singletrack. Tradeoff was well worth it to me.

Now they've dropped it down to 26 for "folks with more rider mass," a wonderfully supportive euphemism for riders like me. (Thank you Francis!)

I found 28 more than small enough with that big 42 granny. What happened with the bigger wheels was "9er creep" keeping same cadence as the 6ers I was riding with meant I'd climb up their backsides.

Maybe a 26 would solve that problem...

Hopefully a rider with extra mass will post a review.