Converting a Stylo from a 3x10 to a 2x10-
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    Converting a Stylo from a 3x10 to a 2x10

    Hi everyone,

    I'm pretty new to the MTB game and I wondering if anyone could help me out.

    I have a Niner RIP9 that currently has TruVativ Stylo GXP Crank that I would like to change to a 2x10 to help out with my chain suck issues (that is common with RIPs).

    With that said I'm understand that I can get the top gear taken off and get a bash guard put on as an "easy" conversion? I do understand this isn't the best way to fix my issue and that getting a true 2x10 would be the better choice however I currently do not have that in my budget.

    So I have a few questions when it comes to converting my stylo to a 2x10.

    1) Bash guards, overall I'm a little lost. I see there are different types is that just for appearance? I also notice that some makers have sizes however others do not. Can anyone point in the right direction on which bash guard I should get?

    2) Do I need/have to change my detrailer and/or shifters? Or is the current one okay?

    Just incase it helps here is a list of my drivetrain:
    TruVativ Stylo GXP Cranks and Chainrings
    SRAM X9 Rear Deraulier
    Shimano XT front
    SRAM X9 shifters

    Thanks for your help.

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    My guess is you get chain suck because of your current ring configuration (the position of the rings). It's probably worse when on/shifting to the two smallest rings, right?

    If so, it won't help for you to exchange the biggest chain ring with a bash guard.

    I don't know anything about the particular problems with the bike, but it sounds like you'd want a dedicated 2 x 10 crankset. For instance X9. They're quite cheap.

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