my bike is making like a constant clicking noise on one gear of my cassette. It's the 8th gear on SRAM 01/12 eagle GX It only does this on that one gear and I am not sure what it is. Everything seems tight and is operating like normal, even with the clicking but its annoying and im guessing if left untreated it will get worse
i had a friend also look at it and checked the cable tension as he said it will do this as its a new bike 6 weeks old around 300 miles and after it doing it it made no difference
when i first got the bike it was delivered with a bent hanger so this was straightened by a LBS due to major skipping on the gears but this was fixed so wondering if this could be the issue? weakened and slight bent again? so thinking about replacing with a new 1
is there anything i could take a look at before i get a replacement hanger? or take to LBS again