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    Avid Elixir R's destined to leak?

    I have a 2011 Spec Enduro Comp with Avid Elixir R SL brakes. It has about 50-100 miles on it, and due to a move, I wasn't able to ride the bike for some time. The bike is almost brand new despite its age. For example, the chain has never had to be cleaned and it still has the original tires with 90%+ tread. However, I went to bleed the brakes this evening after getting my bike out of storage (climate controlled/indoor). The brakes started leaking profusely out of the reach adjust knob during the stage of releasing the lever. During the vacuum air extraction on the lever, it would just pull air indefinitely (I could hear it coming in through the reach adjust knob). I google'd this problem and it seems as though I am FAR from the only person with this issue, included a large number of people with new or nearly new brakes. If I'd ridding my bike hundreds or thousands of miles, I would understand my brakes needing a rebuild. In this case my brakes are almost brand new. Is there any stated age limit to the seals in the Avid brakes? Could I have put some product in them to help them maintain their functionality? I honestly would have expected them to last much longer than this with respect to time. Should I contact my LBS (where I bought the bike) and attempt a warranty claim (I honestly only want the rebuild kit - I can do it myself)? Or should I just order the kit myself? I was very sad to be ready to ride my bike and instead I spent my time cleaning up brake fluid.
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    I bled my Elixir 3 brakes for the first time yesterday and during the same step (purging air from lever block and actuating lever) I got fluid leaking from the lever with each pull. Now, my brakes are 2011 vintage and haven't been rebuilt before but I don't understand how I could have blown a seal or something during the bleed process.

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