• 07-28-2019
    avid elixir R SL caliper rebuild question
    should I use any lubrication on the piston seal? it fits inside the body of the caliper and around the outside of the piston. use brake fluid? use a light grease? use nothing. these brakes have never worked right. the inboard pad will not retract away from the rotor. bleed after bleed and it operates the same. I searched here and the SRAM site and found nothing. a link to a parts list would be helpful. I only have one rebuild kit, no part number on it. thanks.
  • 09-29-2019
    Redlands R&C
    Not sure if you ever figured this out, but I use the Avid DOT grease, a light coating, on the piston seals. Works well in my experiences
  • 09-30-2019
    I went to the LBS and the mechanic gave me some orange colored DOT grease. not sure if it was AVID or not but it did the trick. thanks!