I dropped my brake lever (rear) on a rock and it snapped the lever all the way backwards to the point that it needs to be replaced. They said it would cost more to try to repair it than to replace. So they replaced it and when I went to pick it up, the colors of the new brake did not match the old brake, meaning I now have mismatched brakes on my 2010 one-month old Specialized Stumpjumper. It just doesn’t look right when things don’t match and it will definitely affect resale value. The original brake was Avid Elixir CR SL, and the new one says Avid Elixir CR. They seem to be exactly the same other than looks and I can’t find any SL listing on the SRAM website, so I’m wondering if “SL” is simply a specifically branded look (colors) for this Specialized bike. That aside, I’m mostly caught up on the fact that one is red and black and the other is bronze and silver. They said since it wasn’t a warranty fix, so they had to order the parts through SRAM and not Specialized, which is why they are different. The other frustrating part is that because I broke a little lever I am being asked to pay for a completely new brake all the way down to the calipers, pads, and rotors. $200, plus labor. So now if I want my brakes to match, we’re talking about almost $500. All because I broke one little lever.
I have two questions:
1) Does anyone have advice on how I might be able to get my original brake back without paying so much? I understand if it costs more to repair than replace, but do I really have to replace the parts that are on the rear wheel? Those parts are still fine… do they just throw them away?

2) If I end up having to pay for new brakes, should I consider a different brand/model? They seem to get good reviews, but never felt really smooth in the rear to begin with.