Any GORE RideOn cable issues with Sram X.0 10speed?-
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    Any GORE RideOn cable issues with Sram X.0 10speed?


    I am currently running a Sram X.0 10 speed setup on my bike. Previously, I had a 9 speed X.0 setup and had issues with GORE RideOn cables. The GORE RideOn grub seal would get pinched between the cable and the curved guide on the rear derailleur pulling the grub seal from the cable housing and eventually cutting the seal in half rendering it useless. This would allow contaminents to get into the GORE housing and gum up the cable which eventually would cause the cable to fail. I have noticed that the curved guide on the 10 speed X.0 rear derailleur is shaped differently and appears that it may not have the same issue as the 9 speed stuff. I was just wondering if anyone runs GORE RideOn cables with Sram X.0 10 speed and if they have experienced this?

    GORE has a solution here (link) that I have tried with the 9 speed setup but it didn't work. Instead of lasting a couple of rides before the seal was pulled off and cut I would get maybe 4 rides in.

    I would like to start running GORE cables on my bike again but not if they are going to fail like they were before. Anyway, any input will help. Thanks for your time!
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