• 06-25-2016
    Air pressure after installing 2 tokens in 160mm Dual Position RC?
    Not sure where to ask this, so here seems good I guess.

    I am bigger guy at about 255 and prior to installing tokens, I messed around with around 180-190 psi for 20-25% sag. After installing two of these tokens, I am now about 120-125psi to get around the same amount of sag. Does this sound about right? In fact, the shock pump gets extremely difficult to pump beyond that, but it would pump to 190 before easier than it does to now get to 120. Does one of these tokens amount to about 30psi? The chart/guide on the fork does not account for tokens and SRAM site does not have any info that I can find on this.

    Any info or feedback appreciated. Thanks
  • 05-22-2017
    fabricio fracchia
    I have same fork but installed 3 Tokens, the pressure is the same that before the Tokens, no problem with that. You should know that after installation the ramp of the compression in the middle to end of the travel will be faster and harder, I had to add some clicks to the rebound to avoid boing effect when compress more than the mid travel, even the slow speed compression was modified with 1 or 2 clicks less in some trails to maintain good traction.