24T for XX Crankset?

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  • 10-12-2012
    24T for XX Crankset?
    I've been looking for a 24T chainring as an option for my XX 2x10 set up. Currently running a 39/26T front chainrings. Anyone know of aftermarket suppliers that fit the XX BCD pattern? Thanks!

    PS For that matter, I can't seem to find exactly what the BCD is for the XX small ring. NOT LISTED anywhere on SRAM/TruVativ website...
  • 10-12-2012
    The bolts on the XX 26 ring allmost go all the way out to the teeth as it is & the 24 is alot smaller so it is a no go.

    Because the XX doesn't have a replacable spider they would need to make a new crank & now that the XX1 is coming I can't see them doing it.

    The X0 cranks do have a replacable spider & you can get 22/36, 24/38, 26/39 & 28/42
    so maybe a X0 crank will be your best option.
  • 10-25-2012
    Carbon ti has 25t. I heard BBb wil come with 24t