The original damper for this fork failed (no lockout) after only a few months so I purchased a new damper to replace it. That damper is now about a year old and likely due for an oil change. The past few months the high speed compression damping has increased to the point where the fork is nearly rigid over any sharper obstacles at speed. This makes sense to me if the damper oil is thickening due to debris, age, evaporation, wear, whatever. My old FOX Float forks suffered the same issue if I didn't change the oil every year, although never as bad nor as quickly as this SID. The Fox forks I had were open bath with about 4 times more oil volume, so that probably explains why the SID performs so badly as the oil degrades.

I weigh about 165 lbs and run 4 clicks open rebound, 110 psi, and use the lockout a lot (singlespeed). This SID only has rebound, lockout, and low-speed compression adjustments (the latter of which never really seemed to do anything). Anyway, I've assumed the damper oil needs to be changed to fix the HSC issue and ordered a service/bleed kit from SRAM. The rebound seal head included in the kit looks very different. It's gray colored and feels like plastic instead of black aluminum like the others. Does anyone know if this is an upgrade or simply the wrong part?

Also, I noticed the Dig Valves are different on the two dampers I have. The original (failed lockout) damper Dig Valve is red anodized aluminum with larger holes that remain unrestricted by the rebound seal head. The current (failed HSC) damper Dig Valve is black anodized aluminum with smaller holes that get covered by the rebound seal head. Does anyone know what the story is with all these different parts and if they are interchangeable?

My understanding is that the original damper is supposed to be Charger 2 and that Charger 2.1 was never offered for this SID. I have the original boxes for both the fork and new damper and all the serial numbers. Everything SRAM published shows the new damper is indeed the correct "upgrade" for this fork, whatever that means. Despite this, I couldn't find any information at all on the SRAM/Rockshox website to help answer these questions or any way to communicate with SRAM other than through "dealers" (who know nothing and just send everything back to SRAM for repair).