• 09-07-2015
    2016 Pike RCT3 130mm 27.5 AXLE to CROWN length ?
    Can not seem to find a definitive answer.
    Was wondering what the A-C length was on the PIKE 130mm 27.5 non travel adjust

    Arts cyclery states that the 150mm RTC3 27.5 is 548.....soooo
    140mm 538 and 130mm 528 mm ?

    any help would be great.
  • 09-13-2015
    thanks for all the help

    I have had a look into this and you should find that the Axle-to-Crown heights on the 'RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Air Forks 2016' would be as shown below;

    160mm - 552mm

    150mm - 542mm

    130mm - 522mm