I have a question for the Sram experts here. I have already called Sram as well as searched the internet and am coming up with mixed answers.

My dilemma is that I recently purchased a 2014 Revelation World Cup Dual Position Air 150mm fork for my old frame (26" wheel version). Due to unforeseen circumstances I now have a new frame and need a fork that can fit a 650B wheel. Based on the 2015 spare parts catalogue it looks like the Dual Position Air spring is the same for 26", 650B, and 29" wheels (part number 11.4018.010.067) which leads me to believe the length of the stanchion (and thus the CSU) is also the same for all three wheel sizes.

Could I purchase a set of 650B lowers and call it done? Or, is there really a difference between the CSU for all three wheel sizes and I would also need to purchase a new CSU?

Thanks for your help!