• 12-23-2013
    10 speed Shimano XT/SLX group to 9 Speed X0 group
    I have a 2008 Trek Fuel EX9, which I love. I have full X0 on it, with X0 twisters.
    I just got a new 2014 Fuel EX8 29er, and it has XT rear, SLX front, and SLX trigger shifters.
    The thing is, I cannot stand triggers. Never could. Obviously I will need new shifters and the new derailleur in the rear to go to my beloved grip.
    I am seriously tempted to get a 9 speed cassette, a 9 speed X0, or an X9 rear derailleur, and the X0 9 speed grips. For one, I just cannot stomach the thought of nearly $200 for just a set of grip shifts, when the 9 speed shifters are roughly $75, and a 9 speed derailleur is $85.

    Questions I do have however - the cassette spacing is acceptable for dropping to a 9 speed on the freehub, correct?
    Chain - my understanding is that a 10 speed chain will work on a 9 speed system, but not the other way around, correct?
    My crank should be OK. It is whatever crank comes on the EX8.
    Front derailleur, the actuation ratios are the same for shimano and sram on them, so I can leave the front derailleur, correct?

    Thank you!
  • 12-30-2013
    A 9 speed cassette will fit your free hub and yes you can use a 10 speed chain on a 9 speed system, I'm doing it now with a KMC chain. Front derailleur should work fine with grip shift or you can leave on your current front shifter.