I am having a tuff time getting the front derailleur set right. I知 running a Race Face evolve dh crankset with the x type bb. They have 4 spacers that can be used to adjust the chainline. With two rings up front, the chain line is best with no spacers on the drive side and all four on the non-drive side. However, when I do this and adjust the derailleur to work proper, I get a slight buss from the rear tire hitting the front derailleur on heavy pedal strokes. I知 guessing I知 going to have to make some type of compromise between chainline and derailleur/chain rub to get the derailleur away from the tire especially if I want to run 2.5 tires as I知 only running 2.3 weirwolfs right now. Can somebody give me some suggestion on how you overcame this other than going to single ring setup? And pictures would be a great help. Thanks community.