• 09-06-2004
    Is Specialized really made in China?
    So I've pretty much narrowed my new bike purchase down to either the Specialized FSR XC (the cheapest fs Specalized sells, I beleive) or a Trek 4300 hardtail. I think I'd really like to try the full suspension setup, so I'm leaning more towards the Specailized. But...I know Trek is "Made in the USA" but yesterday when I was in the local Specialized dealer, I noticed little "Made in China" stickers on some of the bikes.

    Now, I've always thought that the quality bikes were made in USA and that the department store Huffys and Schwinns were made in China. Am I wrong, because a lot of people seem to speak very highly of Specialized? Are all Specialized bikes made in China, yet still high quality? Or was I just looking at some of their cheaper models (and their higher end models are still made in the USA)? If this is the case, how can I tell if the bike I'm looking at is made in the USA?

    If they're all made in China...should I still swing for the FSR XC ( http://www.specialized.com/SBCBkModel.jsp?spid=6764 ). Or should I stick with American made Trek? Now I'm puzzled.

    Thanks, and sorry if it sounds like I'm bashing gear made in China. It's just what I was told when I bought my first Cannondale. "This is a high quality bike, made in America, unlike the junk sold in Wal-Mart that's actually made in China for pennies a day."

    And I'm certainly not bashing Specialized. I just need some help here. Thanks.
  • 09-06-2004
    Yea all of Specialized bikes are Made in China/Taiwan as are Giants and many many other bike brands. And no it's not a bad thing at all since the quality is as good if not better than many U.S made bikes. Specialized has a top notch manufacturing facility and you should get one.

  • 09-06-2004
    Specialized's are made in Taiwan.

    Most of their bikes are still hand-welded by top-welders and technicians though..

    don't let "Taiwan" sound cheap to you. Taiwan is now one of the most industrialized, and well advanced nations in the world. That's why China is pissed at them, because they have surpassed them in the world market for industrialization and products (electronics, bicycles, cars, etc).

    Specialized is NOT made in China. Don't get Taiwan and China mixed up, two totally different places.

  • 09-06-2004
    I wouldn't worry about specialized being made in Taiwan. I mean - you want more quality for your bang for the back, right? Well, those "Made in USA" stickers sure do come at a price.

    Like another poster pointed out, Specialized has top notch welders, AND they stand behind their product, in case it does fail.

    With that said, see if you can stretch your budget just a little bit to get a slightly higher end bike, which will have better components.. but now I'm getting off topic.

    Regardless, Specialized is a great company, and you will find many happy owners on this forum. (Me being one of them!)
  • 09-06-2004
    Considering you're posting in the Specialized forum, we might be a little biased :)
  • 09-06-2004
    While Treks are made in the USA, that only applies to the models above, I believe $500. The trek 4300 is NOT made in the USA, but actually made overseas as well. I believe you have to go to the Trek 4900 before you get an American made bike.
    Nevertheless, dont let it fool you. I don't think you will find difference in the bikes made overseas vs. the bikes made in the U.S., other than the sticker on them. They are all high quality bikes.
  • 09-06-2004

    I know Trek is "Made in the USA"
    Not true.

    I believe only the high-end Treks are made(welded) in the USA. In fact there are very few frames from any manufacturer that are actually welded in the USA - too cost prohibitive. If you are buying a bike for less than a grand, you can be sure that it was welded in Taiwan. Most bike are assembled and designed here, though.
  • 09-06-2004
    Thanks for everyone's replies. That clears up a lot. So I think I'm pretty sold on the FSR XC...

    I think I'll just cruise on down to the LBS tomorrow to pick one up and try it. I guess an $800 full suspension will be worth the purchase.