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    Look at the 03 Enduro Pro compaired to the 04 Enduro Pro...

    Who thinks the 03 looks like an all round better bike for the $$$$?

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    I had this same dilemma recently and went with the '03. What I'm missing in the '03 is the propedal feature and IMO not worth the $600 difference. Another major difference is that there are more XTR parts in the '03. I suggest you pick what is more important to you. YMMV, good luck.

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    Well that's what I noticed too, I was just bored the other night and was looking at some different bikes and came across those 2. I think as far as the frame goes, their both the same..As far as components go I'd say the 03 model takes it . If I was looking at a Pro model then I'd go with last years over this years.

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