A friend has a hardtail mtb which is very much like granddads old axe, three new shafts and two new heads ... but still the same bike

It has a nice full XT-760 group on it now and some Fox F100X Terra Logic forks that came on another friends medium S-works Epic in about 2004/2005. He cut the steerer pretty short (I don't have a measurement, and can't get to the bike until I'm back in Feb).

In order to avoid buying a new bike (as the friend doesn't ride 'that' much, doing mainly road now), I'm suggesting and looking for a reasonably condition 2003 - newer Epic, in Large.

The issue is that the forks may have been cut too short for the longer(?) headtube on a Large compared to the Medium.

Does anyone have the geometry pictures or table from any of the earlier Epics? I would really like to get an epic frame, as it would be used for cross country, marathon and Xterra level riding ... where a little travel would help a lot, but pedaling efficiency wouldn't be too degraded.