I bought a 2008 p2 3 months ago and its by far the best bike ive ever ridden, strong and worth the money, except for the rims, last week i landed a four foot drop to flat on my stock alex rims, the back wheel crumpled... litterally it also broke on the weld. I was p.o'ed about what people said about the stock rims being crap because i weigh at least 190 and ive beat the stock rims hard and they havn't even bent.. untill last week. Now i see what they meant. I'm one day away from getting a new alex dx 32 rim which has come highly reccomended. Am i getting a good rim? They rebuilt the dx on the stock hub but im sure the secialized hubs are strong so no worries there. Also should i worry about changing the stock front rim? I am a little strepped for cash but if a new front rim is completely nescessary I'll look into it. Looking forward to feed back, thanks(would upload my bike pic but can't find small enough file, sucks )