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    03 Spec Enduro Comp or 04 Spec Enduro Pro?

    (This is a cross post from 'What bike to buy')


    Hello! Somewhat new mountain biker here that lost his previous user name for these forums.

    I have gotten back into biking in a big way over that past few summers (use to ride bmx like it was my job years ago) and am now at the point where I feel confident I am ready to purchase my first real mountain bike and know that I will continue to use it in the years to come. I currently ride a department store variety fake dual suspension heap. Although the bike is heavy and I dare not attempt half the stuff I would like to on it, I can honestly say I got my moneys worth and then some out of it.

    I myself am 5'10" 185 lbs and I ride mostly cross country (more due to location and my current bike than anything else). With the right bike and new places to ride, I would really love to get back into some dirt jumping/aggressive xc riding. My ideal bike would be reasonably light and tough enough to take a beating. Also keep in mind I am now 32 and beating for me would be some moderate dirt jumping, a few drops 5 foot and under and regularly bunny hopping logs and other trail hazards at speed (nothing bigger than say a picnic table bench here).
    I also just love to be out in the woods on my bike! Anything I buy should be comfortable enough to do 25+ mile rides on weekends and light enough to where my xc weight weenie buddies are not sitting around at the top of every climb munching cliff bars while waiting for me to catch up.

    Now that thats out of the way... I have done my homework and seems the spec enduro would be about perfect for what I am looking to do. I have read the reviews and found them all to be generally raves and its one of the few higher end lines my lbs carries.

    I stopped in at my lbs this past friday and looked at a 2003 Spec Enduro Comp along with a C-Dale Jekyll 400 and a Trek Fuel. Out of those I really liked the enduro best.
    Now for the delima.. The bike on the floor is the 2003 comp model as I said, priced at $1700. Nice bike for sure but dunno much about if the price is right. I had him look up what other models he could get in and there are five 04' comps in stock, no expert models to be had and ten 04' Enduro Pros (in my size).
    Honestly, if I decide I am gonna go with a comp, I would just take the one off the show room floor. Looking at the specs between the 03' and 04' comp it doesn't seem like enough has chanced spec wise to justifiy having him order the 04'.
    Now the Pro on the other hand... A lot of upgrades there! The price I would pay would be $2800 for the 04' Pro and just about every single part on the bike is diffrent from the comp spec. The main ones for me would be the shock and fork upgrades. All the xt components would be nice of course but shock and fork are my primary focus. The price is kinda steep but I could swing it if I am honestly gonna be that much happier with the bike over last years comp model.
    As I said eariler I learned to ride on a bmx and tend to ride my mountain bike the same way. I am out of the saddle I would guess 60 to 70% of the time, always want to stand and hammer on the climbs etc.. Given that.. would I notice a huge diffrence in the pro pedal shock that the 04' pro comes with?
    I also read that the 03' bikes were all powder coated and the high gloss black of the comp really starts to look bad after a single season. The 04' models I read are all anodized and look good a lot longer. Not that it makes or breaks the bike but I am somewhat of a neat freak and would be seriously bummed with a year old $1700 bike that looked 10.

    So my question is.. For the $1100 increase in price do I really get that much more with the Pro Model bike over last years comp? Or would I be just as happy saving that money and walking out with last years comp? Its really hard for me to judge having the option to only ride the one so I would really like some feedback.

    Sorry so long and thanks in advance for any thoughts or opinions.

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    #1: at the shop I work at, we have an '03 Enduro Comp for $1219.
    #2: The pro blows the comp out of the water in terms of components. It's a really great bike, and what you said about the paint is true. My '04 Expert has a perfect frame finish after plenty of riding.

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    Based on the pricing at my LBS, the '04 Comps are selling for $1700. If I'm not mistaken, they had an '03 Expert a month or two ago and were only asking $1500. Asking that much for an '03 Comp seems a little much. I have an '04 Expert and love it. If you can afford to go for the Pro, I would do it for sure. It's definitely worth the extra cash.
    I hope you have a big trunk... 'cuz I'm puttin' my bike in it.

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    Good job!

    If you spend as much time out of the saddle as you say, the '04 PRO with propedal is your bike. If you can swing the tag, it is loaded with goodies. I am 215 and riding an XL size. I love the air shock on the front. It really feels linear like a spring, but very adjustable for changing bike from cross-country to a more Freestyle. The "itch switch" rear allows for the same type of adjustment, so you get 2 bikes in one!!

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