• 08-12-2012
    Running some of Alafia trails in reverse
    If your interested. Poll in thread
    Riding the trails backwards.
  • 08-18-2012
    Even though I live in NY, I've been to Alafia and enjoy it... Plus, I ride at places that do reverse trail direction on certain days of the week and I think it is an awesome idea.
    First, I think it doubles the fun as the trail is a different animal in the other direction.
    Second, I would have to believe it would make the trail last longer by different lines being followed per direction of the day.
    One of the loops I ride at home has been one way for over twenty years and it's eroded beyond belief. The Greenbelt that goes two ways that connects to it is in better condition.
    Blankets Creek in Georgia changes direction every other day. Not only were the trails in great condition, they were also super interesting.
    We have a trail at home that sucks in the direction it runs. One morning, very early, we rode it backwards and it rocked. We tried to get the club to change it but it fell upon deaf ears.
  • 08-19-2012
    I'm for reversing at least one day a week. I love "Wacky Wednesdays" at Carter Road!
  • 08-24-2012
    That would be awesome but I don't think I would attempt gatorback in reverse, conditions were bad on moonscape and had to bail in reverse and I thought that was bad...