I think I forgot to post this, but I did a two day bikepacking 'race' in early October over in Tallahassee, FL. Flat? Yes. Easy? No. It was hot & humid for this guy even though it had been dry there for a few days leading up to the ride. It was a cool experience and I'd do the route again. We made it out of the panhandle a mere 24 hours before Hurricane Michael struck.

Tally Tango 160

RR: Tally Tango 160 (AZ X-Post)-img_20181006_074357.jpg
Sunrise over a boggy marsh near Tallahassee.

RR: Tally Tango 160 (AZ X-Post)-img_20181013_130541_398.jpg
One of the locals.

RR: Tally Tango 160 (AZ X-Post)-img_20181006_120436.jpg
Pinhook bridge.

RR: Tally Tango 160 (AZ X-Post)-img_20181006_183346.jpg
Lots & lots of this.

RR: Tally Tango 160 (AZ X-Post)-img_20181007_125929.jpg
Plenty of this too!!

RR: Tally Tango 160 (AZ X-Post)-img_20181007_174004.jpg
The urban connection was cool as well.

RR: Tally Tango 160 (AZ X-Post)-img_20181005_205352_064.jpg
Finishers patch.