• 06-27-2014
    Location, location, location - advice
    I hate spamming forums with identical posts but you'll likely find this other places.

    In the next 6-12 months I'm planning to hightail it out of New England. While its home, and by and large an excellent area to live (especially for outdoor recreation) time has come to mix thing sup.

    I really have no qualms against most places. I'm open to living almost anywhere. I'd say the biggest factor is proximity to, quality of, and quantity of outdoor recreational opportunities. Mountain biking is by and far the biggest. But I paddle, backpack, trail run, ski (heh, not down here), climb, and more.

    The reason I'm here? The girlfriend has a penchant for the coast. Her focus education wise is there. I think the Georgia mountains or Chattanooga would be perfect. But I'm trying to split differences.

    So where in the Southeast would you recommend? On the coast is preferable. Disregarding things like economy, culture, etc. I just want to know the options.

    By all means, tell me all the pros and cons. But I just want to know, is it even possible to live on the coast and have places to slip away in the woods and ride after work?
  • 06-27-2014
    Columbia, SC. 2.5 hours to savannah 2.5 hours to Ashville. FATS is even closer.