Huntsville, AL - Monte Sano recommendations-
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    Huntsville, AL - Monte Sano recommendations

    hey guys, need some help.

    today i rode (in order) warpath, Rocky nightmare, mckay, Arrowhead, natural well, then walked up the mckay hiking trail cause i ran out of water. i enjoyed the first three sections, but there was way too much hike-a-bike starting at Arrowhead and couldn't get a good riding flow

    any recommendations to get more of that chunk from the first part of the ride without hitting all the impossible climbs on the other trails?

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    I didnt see this post as I recommended this trail on your other one earlier. lol

    If you stop at the Parking lot halfway up the mountain on the right you can hit several trails there. I think it was called Bankhead Trail parking lot. From there I rode across the road up and up about 30yrds to ride the Bankhead Trail. Great warm up trail and gets very rocky and somewhat techy further into the ride. It dumps out onto Bankhead Pkwy. From there ride the paved road up to the very top where you can see for miles. There are many trails from that vantage point to ride!
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    Wow, the ones you listed are the most difficult, lowest flow trails here. I love hiking those trails but they are too much for me to ride. Building on OldManBiker's suggestion, once you are at the top, head out Bucca Family Bike Trail or South Plateau Loop to O'Shaugnessy Point. This is where you most likely picked up Warpath Ridge. Instead go down Mountain Mist, just off the top after a rocky downhill, you have a choice to take a right onto Goat Trail or hard left to stay on Mountain Mist. Both are great trails, rocky and technical but not like the ones you listed. Others to consider in that vicinity are Keith, Logan Point, Sinks... all great trails. Good flow and a little chunk. On the west side of the mountain (Land Trust Side), RMAD (also referred to as Bankhead Trail) and Dummy Line are great flow trails that have some nice rock features. Bluffline on that side is popular with riders who like the chunk, but I find it a bit too much chunk. For Bluffline you'd want to park at the Land Trust Parking lot on the South End of Monte Sano Blvd and shoot across the road to the trail. That will start you at the top so you can ride it downhill. Eventually you'll end up at the Land Trust Parking Lot OldManBiker referred to.

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    thanks for the replies
    on Wed, i parked at the land trust parking lot and went up bluff line over to the "hiker" parking lot and road that section of arrowhead and came back natural trail. arrowhead was in perfect condition
    then made it down bluff line, wagon, young-kennedy, and up railroad bend and tollgate back to the parking lot. tollgate is a pretty tough climb after 10 miles of riding.

    then went over to the bankhead parking lot and went up mountain mist, stone cuts, sinks, north plateau, then down cold springs

    you have got a great trail system out there. it really is hard to get some flow when you hit all the blacks; i have to get to really know the system well to map out some rides where i can pedal most of the way and not have to hike up some intense grades like on bluff line, or not hit tollgate as my last trail.

    i'll be heading to blevins gap next and see how the climb up sugar tree or fanning are since the trailheads are closed

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