Email From Tommy Hatcher :

There will be a meeting to discuss trail work at Hamilton Creek.
Thursday, Feb 17 (at a location to be announced)

We would like all persons who are interested in becoming part of a
dedicated volunteer trail maintainence group to attend.
The need to be involved for the long haul is great.
We will be looking to find a new trail director from these meetings
to be responsible for overseeing all future trailwork at HC.

Since this is our only urban metro mtb trail,
it has taken a huge amount of use and abuse through the years.
Its in poor shape right now and needs some serious TLC.

This new group will be directly responsible for the year round
needs on a day to day basis and making sure it is properly cared for the future.
There are lots of issues that will need to be addressed and
we will need lots of fresh ideas on how best to deal with them.

The really GOOD news, we will be spearheading a complete "re-working"
of the trail network to fix the majority of erosion problems.
Metro Parks has generously offered to fund the work and we will be bringing
in an outside trail contractor to do the major rerouting.
That should speed up the process immensely.
Some contract labor will be used but alot of volunteer work
will be required as well to finish the project.

Details on who, what, when and where will be laid out as pre-production work
is finalized and more meetings of the new volunteer group are scheduled.

So, now is the time for all of you who said you want to get involved at
the ground level to become a part of the team who will reshape this trail
into something we hope will be truly special.

It will not get done if we don't get a great turnout for these meetings
so make sure you attend and take ownership of this great oppurtunity.

We look foward to seeing all of you there!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me
@ swankmotee AT hotmail DOT com

Tommy Hatcher
Mtb Advocacy Chair
Harpeth Bike Club